The MILF Bomb 2: Another sexy compilation of stories

Hello all! Amber here with yet another compilation of four stories about the Maternity Infused Long Fertility Bomb, also known as the MILF Bomb, if you are new to the series, I'll just explain that the MILF Bomb was an artifact created some years ago in a little town in the countryside to eradicate a population shortage problem for good by turning young men into attractive and fertile mature women with the purpose of them getting pregnant. The age rank was chosen to be around 35 to 40 year old bodies, since it was seen by a study that those body types were the ones that men found more attractive in the town, this choice would let the people of the town to repopulate the place faster. Today, I bring you the stories of four beautiful women who once were young men, who are now living awesome lives with their new bodies and families, these are the stories of how their transformation went and how are they living today. With nothing else to say, let us begin with one of my favorites: Liz

Update on my blog

Hey all, Amber here!  I'm writing here today just to do an update on my current situation in this blog, to keep you all of my loyal followers informed about my silent status in here. Well, as some of you may know already, I decided to stop writing for a while because of my studies, I'm currently working hard on both finishing my high school years with good grades, and studying for the entrance exams to apply for college, since this has taken too much of my free time, I could no longer write in here eventhough I like it so much, but now that I am around one or two weeks of finishing high school, I finally could find some free time to return here, so you will find more captions in this blog in the near future! Also, some weeks ago I left a survey here to see which series of this blog would you want more to return in the future, and I announce that the series "The MILF Bomb" has won the survey, so in the near future you will find the next part posted in here, I hope you

Now you choose my next caption!

Hello everybody! Amber here, I was thinking and decided that it will be fun to let you now choose which series do you want me to continue next, so I bring you a survey today to answer and see what's next! Cargando…

Unreal Reality Part 1

"Ughh, that was a wild night for sure", said Dan when he started to wake up the morning after his best friend's bachelor party, though he felt a little strange, he remembers drinking a lot, though he wasn't having any kind of hangover, but instead he felt like someone was laying on him, and was pretty heavy specially in the chest area and the stomach area, he figured that it could be some girl he hooked up with the night before, until he moved a little, and felt that same weight move to lots of directions and in lots of forms, it was then, that he knew, there wasn't a girl on him, there was something else, and given how that move felt, he was scared to open his eyes, and he got even more scared when he saw the reality of things. "What the fuck?! I'm a chick?!" He screamed in horror as he touched the ample pair of breasts that were hanging from his chest, and then, started crying when he touched his abdomen, which now was a big and round pregnant bell

A part of the family

 Dylan was sitting on his couch watching a movie, it was a very boring action one, though Dylan didn't care so much because he wasn't really watching it, he was just thinking about stuff, he kept existing this way for the moment until the phone rang, Dylan stood up from the couch and answered, his plain expression became a wide smile as he heard his girlfriend's voice through the phone's speaker. "Hey Dylan!", "Hey babe, what's up?", "Well... My mom is making a special dinner tonight, and she wanted me to invite you, since she considers you a part of our family already, it seems you left a pretty good impression in here! I'm proud of you", "Oh, well... That's awesome! Sure, I'm coming tonight to have dinner with you and your family, or should I say my family now, right babe?", "Awww I love you calling them that way! Ok then, I'll see you later tonight!", "Bye girl see ya!" Dylan was excited

My boobs

Ever since I got infected with the famous 'boob flu' virus, my life has become very hard and humiliating for a young lad like me. Ever since I saw my chest becoming a pair of A cups, I knew deeply that I should have probably avoided the crowd of people I found on the way back home from school, but I decided to ignore it, I wanted to think that maybe I was sore because of my chest day at the gym, or that it was a side effect of any protein shake or food in my diet, but when I finally became a C cup, I was already incapable of having myself cured.  When that happened I found myself at the mall buying a new set of clothes for my torso in general, the new weight in my chest was practically making me do it, I then found myself a week later doing the same thing because now I was a DD cup, and the expansion didn't stop until I had become a G cup titted guy in girly clothes. The worst part of the boob flu is how easy it is to get infected with it, you just need direct friction with

The Million Dollar Lady

Colin was a genius in regards of technology, especially in coding. Whatever he imagines, he can make it happen in a computer. This is practically why he became a millionare in no time when he released probably the greatest app he have ever created in his life, a program that collects all artistic sites and works that have ever been published on the internet, and puts them all together in a greatly organizated platform for people to find what they are looking for, whether it's a book, a movie, or anything.  Since the art industry had been having less and less attention from the public recently, people all over the world were quickly interested on finding almost all that art in one well done place, making them donate a lot of money for the app to get better and better with time, this made Colin very happy since he already knew how to use all that money for. The amount of money that Colin made was impressive, with time, more and more money came to Colin's pocket, he was really hap