Commissions open!

  Hey y'all! Elizabeth here to announce for all of you, that I'm opening caption commissions for a little while! If you're interested, you can DM me at my Twitter and my Discord, the links to both socials are at the top of the dash menu of this blog, but still, I'm giving you my usernames on this post later on so you don't get lost. I'm gonna let you know first some of the basics: -I'll be charging in Dollars. -I'll be charging via PayPal since it's the easiest way for me to receive the money in dollars and convert them to my national currency. -The level of detail in the commissions, being that during transformation scenes, character development, etc. Will directly depend on the length of the text. -Further details on how or where you want the commission's plot to go can be discussed in the DMs. -The commission's price will vary depending on the preferred length of the text:     -$5 for commissions with a length between the 120

No Escape

  When James woke up this morning, he clearly didn’t expect to be in a whole new bedroom, under pink bed sheets and wearing a nightie. He clearly didn’t even remember ever going to a chick’s place the night before in the first place, he was way too drunk to remember, but it sounded like the most logical idea. Looking down again at his male body dressed in the blue nightie, he thought: — Well, it seems like she was a kinky girl… — But he clearly didn’t expect what the real reason was. As he went down the stairs and explored the house, he realized that it was a very large mansion. —Damn, this girl is loaded! — He sighed surprised. But as he continued to explore, he found an old man sitting in the living room. — Hello, James. Come sit down with me, we need to talk… — Said the old man —Who the hell are you? — Said James with dread, starting to realize that the situation he thought he was in wasn’t the real one. —Let’s just say I’m a man with some needs, now come and sit down, I have to tel

My Aunt's Life

  Michael could just sit there, in his new bedroom, he couldn’t believe what just happened, the changes he and his aunt had gone through. He looked down at his gorgeous new body, he looked into his new cleavage, his manicured hands and his long legs encased in a pair of high heels, he didn’t know what to think, and then, his aunt, who was now in a younger male body, got back in the room with a concerned face…  It all began when he was offered a pair of ‘friendship rings’ at a strange store by an old man, he told Michael that he should share one of those rings with the person he liked the most, Michael immediately thought about his aunt, Anna; she was a buxom Asian-american woman that had married his uncle a few years ago, ever since Michael and Anna knew each other, they became like best friends even though she wasn’t blood-related, it was a natural friendship. The moment that Michael reached Anna’s house and showed her the rings, she was the happiest person on earth, she took one and

In Your Shoes

  Alright, I know it may have been strange for you that your Aunt Liz inherited her house to you after she died, she never actually spoke with you a lot in her life, but your apartment isn’t really a good place to live in, so come on, why not stay and live here at least for a while? The house actually looks quite conventional from the outside, but in the inside, it has some more details that make it special: it has three floors with an attic, a big living room and an even bigger kitchen, a really wide and cozy bedroom for you to sleep in, and more stuff like that; I think you’ll enjoy living here. A week later I’m happy that you decided to do the correct thing and move in here, now that it’s nighttime, you can explore your new home a little so you get familiar with it, don’t you think? Let’s go to the attic! Perhaps you’ll find something cool in there…  To your surprise, the place is really well preserved and has a very nice lighting system. Let’s  look around; the place is full of box

Stepping into womanhood

  My day was being a pretty normal one, waking up to go to school, return home, eat, wait until my parents were gone, do my homework, and use the rest of my daytime to pick out the female clothes I bought secretly, put them on, and pretend to be my next door neighbor, Ava. I gotta say, this specific activity is a difficult one to maintain for an 18 year old lad like me, mainly given the fact that I live with my parents, still, I do it because I can, they were always out working and usually return home late, but why would I take so much risk into pretending to be one certain woman? Man… Just look at her… Her body is magnificent, such curves, such face… Her hair always looks spectacular, her manicured hands are so feminine, I love the sway of her hips when she walks, I love how she gently brings a hand to her chest when she laughs, and I love how she always looks so confident and aware of her luscious mature body. I wanna fuck her so bad… I guess that’s why I started pretending to be her

Don't Stare!

  You sighed in relaxation as you got out of your house and inhaled the fresh morning air in your lungs, you smiled as you started jogging towards the park. Every morning, you tried to go to the park and jog a little before going to work so that you had some workout to keep your body in shape since your officinist job was all about sitting all day looking at a computer screen. As you reached the park, you got in and kept jogging, clearly heading for the jogger’s area, which was a runway made mostly of dry soil that marked a path to jog and walk on. Other people were jogging in the same area, some people went the way you were walking in, and others were jogging the opposite way, one of those other people caught your attention. You were impressed at the amazing view that was being put in your sight, in the runway, jogging the opposite way to yours, was a woman, she looked to be around 25 years old, she was wearing a pair of black leggings that hugged her hips and legs perfectly, and a sp

Best prank ever

  As Clyde started to wake up, he sighed in satisfaction given his last night’s sleep. He slept so well that he completely forgot the awful prank that took place the day before with his sister. As Clyde was getting out of bed, he quickly realized that his body was somehow different, he could definitely feel how it got bigger all the way, and also heavier, he screamed in horror as he looked down and saw what his body looked like now under the darkness that his room curtains filtered from the sunlight. A couple of seconds after Clyde’s scream, his bedroom door was opened by his sister Kara, who was still a little sleepy- “Clyde, come on, it’s 8am… Why would you scream like that? I just made you…” -As Kara opened her eyes, she got as surprised as her brother at seeing him in that body- “Clyde, is that you?” -Clyde nodded sadly, looking at Kara in her eyes, but the sadness in his new face quickly became anger, as he approached his sister intimidatingly, getting closer to her, he started to