Your Heart's Desire

  Life was hard for Tony, he had always felt different, like he didn’t belong to society, most importantly, he didn’t feel right with himself, neither with his own body, he’s always thought that he could always have a better body, an enhanced one, with bigger proportions, like a bigger chest, toned legs, etc. Tony was tired of feeling like this, but he still wouldn’t want to enhance his body with workouts, he felt that he was too lazy to do it. Until one day, he was reading the newspaper and saw an ad in it, which said: “Looking for test subjects for a medical study, we can help you have the body that your heart desires to have! There’s also a cash reward for helping us in our research!” Tony was thrilled, he was hooked the moment he read “the body that your heart desires”, he didn’t even mind the money, an enhanced body was enough of a reward for him. Two days later, he presented himself at the address that was in the ad, prepared for the study, wondering what it would all be about, a

Allergic Reaction

  It was… Strange to say the least when I came out of the tanning bed that day… I thought the plan was just going there, and coming out with more color on my skin, but I came with more than that. When I exited that tanning place at the mall, I had wider hips, longer hair, thicker thighs, big breasts and a pussy… And I know that it probably sounds normal, there’s always women at those places so you would think I got in there as a woman, but boy do I also want to believe that… The fact is, that I got to that place as a man… Ok ok… Let’s go back a while… A couple of days before that shameful day, I was sitting in the living room of my apartment, I was watching TV until my wife came to me, she told me that she was planning to go on a vacation with me, she had been planning it for a while and waited for the right time to tell me as a surprise, I was astonished yet I also was very excited, and I couldn’t wait until we went, our vacation was going to be at the beach, and it was gonna be aweso

The Outfit Makes the Woman

It was just another normal day, I was at the mall checking out the newest music albums that had recently been released, but I was quickly astonished as to who had decided to pay for a product at the counter in front of me, there she stood, a very beautiful woman, she was sporting an amazing look, which was mostly made by the tight, red dress she was wearing, in which her cleavage stood out just as well as her voluptuous rear, her plump thighs and waist could be seen too, she combined the dress with black high heels that made her long legs look even sexier, and a very seductive set of hairdo and makeup that accentuated the beauty of her mature and wrinkled face, she looked to be around the mid-50s of her life, and she still looked gorgeous… God! If she looks great now, I can imagine how good she looked when she was young! I absentmindedly kept staring at her, without realizing how creepy I was, she eventually realized and glared at me, with those beautiful eyes she had, I couldn’t help

Getting Used to It

  “Oh yes, your body turned out pretty healthy” -The doctor told me, to which I replied sarcastically- “And female too” -The doctor sighed- “Should I tell you once again why are you like this? Why did we use nanosurgery and turn you into a completely different person? A woman?” -She said in an aggressive tone, and I sighed too- “No, you don’t have to, I am pretty aware of my fate, miss…”  My name is (or at least was) Jason, I was a pretty normal dude, just living my life and letting others live it, I could easily be considered a pretty chilled guy because of that. I wouldn’t say I was living the best of my life then, but it wasn’t bad either… huh… I’m talking about that as if it were years ago… The truth is, it all happened yesterday. Oh my god, I can’t believe It was just yesterday that I was still a guy, these people work really quick! As I just said, it was yesterday that all this mess started, I was just walking around the street, until I passed by an alley were I heard some guy sc

Bodysuit Bimbofication

  Ron has always been curious about how it would feel to be a woman, ever since he was a child, he has wondered about having breasts, a thin waist with a flat tummy, with wide hips and a large ass to sit on, long and toned hairless legs to wear a skirt and high heels on. He has not only wondered about that, but also about how it would feel to actually have a life as a woman, to dress as one, to walk, act and speak as one, to have periods, and hence, to be able to get pregnant and lactate; to be hit on while walking on the street, or to be completely ignored by people only to be looked at her breasts. Sadly, he wasn’t able to feel that because he was a man, until he came across something… Ron was bored today, and because of that, he was killing time on the internet, he was watching some videos until an ad came by, as usual, he was about to hit the skip button, until the voice of the ad said- “Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be a person of the opposite sex?” -Ron was quickly

Breaking Girl

  “Ughh… That was a really crazy night” -Said Garth, as he woke up, his male body was completely wrapped under his blankets, and he also found it completely dressed up in women’s lingerie as he took them off- “And that confirms it was real… Damn, I shouldn’t have tested that stuff on myself…” Garth was a scientist, a complete chemistry genius that was on the verge of going bankrupt, he was fired from his job because of downsizing, and was having a hard time finding another job that could keep his expensive lifestyle going on; he was desperate, and was willing to do anything to rescue it, even selling drugs.  He started to work on cooking meth and try to earn some money, his genius mind was helping him to do a very unique and pure substance that would sell millions, unfortunately, his genius was complemented by sloppiness, and while trying to mix all the ingredients, he dropped a complete glass of a substance that he didn’t even know what it had in it, he just used it sometimes for cons

What Goes Around, Comes Around

  Edward enjoyed being in the woods a lot, so much, that he would totally abandon his urban life and live there if he could. He would go there every two days and just have a walk to admire the beauty of nature and relax with the calming winds of the woods. Today was no exception, he was just walking around until he noticed something, a spider web, not only that, but it also had a prey… Curiosity got the best of Edward as he approached the web, he could distinguish a small, feminine form trapped in there, it had purple skin and a pair of small, yet very pretty wings, it was also dressed with a dress made out of leaves, it looked to be… A fairy? Edward was skeptical at first, he couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing a fairy, they were supposed to be just in tales, right? Or was it really an actual, magical and powerful fairy, trapped as the prey of a spider? He decided to stop his initial disbelief and tried to talk to her- “Hey… Need some help?”- The fairy, who was more concentra