A Bad Bargain (Commission for Bdog3120)

 Mark and Lewis were ready now. After years of investigation and exploration, they are both finally here, at Lewis’s basement, with everything prepared for the ritual that they were about to pull off.

Mark and Lewis have been best friends ever since middle school. They have always loved fantasy stuff like board games, movies, and novels; and they were always looking to get to live a life full of fantasy as legendary heroes, saving princesses, and fighting beasts and monsters. But not only that, they’ve also always wanted to live the whole thing; long, tiring travels, the feel of arriving to a new village and resting at a pub, drinking the local beer, getting drunk and dancing with the most pretty and handsome people, and probably getting lucky one night to have the opportunity of fucking someone sexy. They craved fighting with swords, shields, and bows; using magic against their enemies, and drinking potions to invigorate their bodies.

The two friends didn’t care about being popular, they loved to fantasize about being heroes so much, that they got convinced that they were going to be able to do it in the future, since they really believed that a fantasy world like that existed, and when they discovered it did, they really stopped caring about their self-image, they got fat, and started looking like stereotypical nerds, with big glasses, unfitting clothes and faces full of acne. They didn’t care about getting girlfriends, or more friends even; firstly because of the bullying they suffered during their educations, which made them avoid people as much as they could and stayed together forever to achieve their goal, they were becoming heroes of a new world and getting attractive and powerful new bodies in the end, so why care about the ones they had on this world?

So, then again, when they discovered through internet that they could have a fantasy world to be heroes in, they did everything to get it, they started investigating and travelling to other places to get information. And finally, they could manage to get instructions from a strange gypsy for a ritual that was supposed to summon a genie that would grant their wish to the two of them. They just needed some aromatic candles and crimson red lipstick! They would have to do as the instructions said. They were asked to draw a pentagram with the lipstick on the floor in a dark room, set the candles on every tip of the star, and do some chanting to proceed to the summoning. Lewis’s basement was a good place, so they did it there.

The ritual was supposed to work in a way that, from the pentagram, Mark and Lewis would see the genie’s full figure rising as they chanted, the genie would stay in the center of the pentagram, and they would grant the duo’s wish without asking for anything back. Although, they didn’t know that the gypsy that told them about the summoning gave them other instructions, she hated people like that, who decided to waste their lives and abandon people for such an impossible goal, so she decided to punish them in a way that, for her, was pretty funny.

Once everything was all set, Mark and Lewis stood on opposite sides of the pentagram and started chanting. As they did so, they started to see a figure emerging from the center of the pentagram; they both thought: “Wow, it is working!” They didn’t say anything because they were chanting. But after a few moments, they could tell that something was off.

Instead of the physical and clear figure of a genie emerging from the pentagram as the gypsy promised, they saw a shadow doing so, with the shape of a very sexy woman, with wings, horns, and a tail. Mark and Lewis kept chanting, they were too close to get their wish and wouldn’t quit just then, at the last stand.

When the strange shadow had fully emerged from the pentagram and the two friends had stopped chanting, the shadow started moving, as if the ghost of a woman was floating around them. It looked like she was doing some reckoning of the place and the two men that just had summoned her. Suddenly, the strangely feminine shadow started floating with significant speed, and tried to get out of the pentagram’s zone, but she couldn’t do so as she bumped into the limits as if there was an invisible wall before her, casted as well within the pentagram to avoid having her escape.

Mark and Lewis stood in their places, paralyzed and speechless, and a shiver ran through Mark’s spine as the shadow stopped moving and started staring at him, he did not know what to do because he knew that, if he moved from his place, the ritual would stop, the shadowy genie would be drawn back inside the pentagram, and most importantly, he and his friend would probably lose their chance to fulfill their dream. So he stood still even when the shadow started approaching him quickly, he was terrified, but determinate. The shadow went after him and got into his body; Lewis felt scared as he saw this happening, but felt true horror as he saw Mark having a convulsion before his eyes.

After a few minutes that felt like ages for Lewis, watching Mark moving erratically and struggling to stay conscious, and with the same fear of moving that Mark had moments ago. Mark stopped convulsing and started talking to Lewis with a terrified look on his face.

—Dude! That was such a terrific sensation to feel! I haven’t felt this good in ages!

Lewis looked at Mark with a strange face, Mark looked back, looking a little bit scared.

—Lewis, I swear I did not say that, you know me! I don’t talk that way! I was about to tell you that it was terrifying, and that I haven’t ever felt like that bad in my life! — Mark said.

—I know, but dude, it felt so real! And the genie is nowhere to be seen! What should we do now?

Suddenly, Mark’s hand rested on his hip and his face went from a scared expression to a disgusted one. This looked really strange, even ridiculous, to see such a big bodied man behave like a sexy woman.

Genie? Oh, my lord… You were expecting a genie? Ha! Perhaps to fulfill a wish? Please, whoever told you to do this rite played you. I’m not a genie, I’m a succubus for fuck’s sake!

Mark and Lewis were astounded, Mark’s expression went back to look scared, and he stopped moving so womanly.

—What. The. Fuck? — Said Mark, becoming more scared by the moment. —I’m not a succubus, I’m Mark! What’s going on in here? We just wanted to have our wish!

Mark then started moving and talking like a woman again.

Of course, you’re not a succubus, just look at the disgusting vessel that you call body, do you really find it comfortable to be in? I’m already trying not to puke just by sharing it with you for such a short time. I, on the other hand, am a succubus! One of the best ones out there! You can move, by the way, mortal. — She sarcastically told Lewis, who was still trying to not mess it up, he then started moving again and sat to have a rest.

—Our bodies are like this because we are supposed to become great heroes with well-endowed bodies after you fulfill our wish to be in an amazing fantasy world, we are supposed to become hung, attractive men by then. — A bothered Mark told the succubus, Lewis just nodded to his friend’s body, not sure who he was nodding, if it was the succubus or his friend.

Lewis was also very scared, but more like… Intimidated, by the fact that he was talking to two different people in one body. The succubus had possessed his best friend and was taking control of him! To think what she’s capable of now that she’s acquired a physical form that let her be outside of the pentagram.

—All right… W-we know that you p-p-pro…bably aren’t a genie… B-but do you think that you can fulfill our wish? — Asked Lewis, scared to even talk to her, afraid of what she can do to him, the succubus scoffed.

Ughhhh!!! You’re so p-p-p-pathetic! You’re lucky, I do have powers that I can use to help you… And unfortunately to me, even though I’d hate to do this, I’m in your debt for taking me out of that prison that I was confined into thousands of years ago, so yeah, I guess I can “fulfill your wish”. — she said, mocking the duo’s pathetic behavior. —What was your wish again?

—Y-yeah… It’s to be amazing heroes in a fantasy world? L-like in The Lord of the Rings, you k-know? Please, Miss Succubus, help us, please! — Lewis said and the succubus laughed.

Heh… Pathetic… First, the name’s Ruby. Second, I am helping you, but just because you freed me. Let me just…

Ruby extended Mark’s fat arms and made some signs with them, she screamed as she was struggling as she was making a big effort to use her powers, but just a little spark came from Mark’s hands, Ruby sighed.

Ugh… Sorry folks, but I am starting to think that the only hero here is gonna be you. — She told Lewis, Mark quickly felt scared.

—What?! What do you mean Lewis is gonna be the only one? What about me? — Said Mark.

—Yes, what do you mean? — Lewis asked a little scared.

What I mean is that this disgusting body isn’t helping at all! It’s fat, dirty, smelly, without feminine contact, AND male! It’s like the main rules every succubus must meet to have powers! I will be able to fulfill your wish, but… Well… You’ll see.

—What the fuck?! What’s gonna happen to me?! — asked Mark. Lewis was speechless as the scene became darker every second.

I said, you’ll see!

Ruby then did another signal with her hands, and Mark’s body started levitating, Lewis was still speechless and even amazed at what he was seeing.

I’m going to be out during the whole process, you’re gonna have full control of your body, even your disgusting mouth that tastes like Doritos… So… Bye for now…

—Dude, I’m flying! What’s going on? — Said Mark.

Lewis snapped out of his trance — Uh… Oh! Well, I don’t know, man! This is becoming crazier by the moment!

Just when Mark and Lewis thought that this couldn’t get any more bizarre, Mark started feeling a strange tingle in his body, it was a little uncomfortable, but also pretty pleasurable to his liking, he even started moaning gently.

—Mark, what the fuck is happening? — asked Lewis to his friend.

—Oh dude! You gotta know how this feels!

Mark’s body was changing, the tingle started in his skin, muscles, and bones. Lewis could only hear them crack and move, and Mark could really feel it. First, his bones snapped as they got smaller, and even changed their form as they were becoming more feminine. His shoulders became narrower, his arms and hands, daintier and shorter even; these changes were barely noticeable because of all the body fat that Mark had in his body. His fingernails elongated about an inch and became pointy as they also got a dark blue coloring. Although his toenails didn’t grow as well, they did get colored in the same blue tone as his fingernails.

—Oh… God! Am I shrinking or something? — Yelled Mark, still trying to tell if he was scared or horny with the transformation happening to him. Lewis was once again in trance, only watching and wondering what the hell was happening. Then, Mark’s skin became pale, to the point that it literally looked white, as if he wasn’t human anymore.

But the biggest change of the transformation was about to happen. Suddenly, while looking down, Mark noticed that his big gut was slowly shrinking, not only that, but as he looked at all of his body, he also saw his hands, arms, legs, and practically every body part he possessed, shrinking. Well, more like, he was losing all the body fat he had —Yes! I’m getting slimmer! Dude… perhaps Ruby is using her powers to transform me from the inside? Judging by the shape I’m gaining, maybe I’ll be an archer? — Said Mark to his friend, thinking the best of outcomes. But his expression of happiness started to slowly diminish as he noticed his chest…

It was only natural that, since his body fat was decreasing in his belly and other parts of his body, the same would happen to his chest, thighs, and buttocks. Instead, it mostly seemed that they were growing. Mark wanted to believe that it was just an optical illusion, that his man boobs were staying the same shape and size to shrink later on, but he started to feel terrified as he noticed that they were becoming hairless… and bigger… and rounder… His nipples were growing too, he noticed his areolas getting a bigger area of his chest. Then, Mark felt a pumping sensation that only got stronger by every second, as if fat was being pumped through his veins. He touched his nipples and felt a wave of pleasure running through all of his body; he recoiled in pleasure and moaned, arching his head back, and stopped looking at his budding chest for a moment.

Not even five seconds had passed, but once Mark looked back down to his chest, he noticed something awful… He had C cups now, they definitely looked like breasts… female breasts, and he could even feel them growing more. For a moment, he felt sad and scared of this new sight, but as he kept touching, and caressing the sensitive orbs of flesh that were growing on him, he could do nothing, but smile.

He kept looking at his new growing breasts for a few more minutes in awe, watching how they grew another full cup; but he then felt a similar tingling on his hips, and trying to look past the massive mammaries that he now had on his chest, he looked at his thighs and touched them, he felt them grow. As they were also filling with all the body fat he once had in other parts of his body. Mark could feel them grow massively, to a point that he could even crush a watermelon between his legs now. But he was too concentrated on his thighs and hips that, he didn’t realize that his buttocks had grown too, he rushed his feminine new hands so he could feel his grown ass, he had a chick’s ass too! And he loved it, he groped it and fondled it, he moaned as he did, and led one of his hands back up to his breasts and started playing with them too.

Mark kept moaning loudly, he couldn’t stop. He kept touching himself as the changes kept going, he was in pure ecstasy for the moment, Lewis had a massive hard on just from watching the amazing sexual being that his friend Mark had just transformed into.

When Mark’s breasts stopped growing at an F cup, he kept on masturbating, even running his hand to his crotch, to his small penis, and started pumping it to his pleasure. Suddenly, Mark felt a massive wave of pleasure coming from his crotch, something he never felt before. It happened because his penis was transforming into a giant, blue and demonic-looking cock! He moaned again, as he started pumping it for climax. But that wasn’t it, once Mark’s new demonic cock had grown, another equally as big and enticing grew in his crotch too, Mark now had two cocks, and he couldn’t stop from feeling himself more and more, now getting his two hands to work them, his tits bouncing and his legs shaking from the pleasure he was in. But then, the two dicks started retracting before Mark could get them to cum, since they both started shrinking; his balls retreated inside his crotch as well as the two blue dicks. And that, with the appearance of new folds between his legs, Mark had officially turned into a woman, as he now had a pussy. But that didn’t stop her from masturbating and moaning even more, in fact, that only made things better for Mark.

As final changes, Mark’s hair grew, getting longer and longer, until it reached her knees, and just then, it changed color, becoming purple on the outside and pink on the inside. On the upper part of her ass, a long and thin tail started growing too, forming the shape of a heart on the tip of it. Mark’s eyes then became completely blue, with a purple iris to match. On her hips, a small pair of wings had formed and acquired the shape of the ones a demon would have. On her head, a pair of horns grew, turning out to be spiky, rough to the touch, and with scales all around them.

Lewis was dumbfounded as he saw his friend finishing the transformation. Suddenly, Mark kept moaning and moaning until she fell right into her bubbly ass on the floor.

Oh, Lewis! Look at me! I’m such a goddess, a sexy demonic babe! I can’t wait to see what you turn into! — She then approached Lewis, crawling sexily across the pentagram, her breasts swaying to the sides, the movement of her thighs enticing Lewis, her smile, making him fall in love with her. She was now in front of his best friend, feeling incredibly horny, she was about to kiss him passionately, waiting for that to evolve into a night of lust and ecstasy, until…

No no no… You are not doing that! Not with that disgusting pathetic loser! This is MY body; you can’t do whatever you want with it. In fact, it was about time for the transformation to get finished so I could take back control and do what I had planned. Lewis, time to say goodbye to your best friend! — Said Ruby, making a comeback from her hibernation state, filling Lewis and Mark with fear. —Wh-what do y- — Mark said terrified, squeezing her new breasts really hard before definitely disappearing from existence. Even though this was his transformed body, he didn’t have any power against Ruby, who had transformed him into a copy of her in order to get her physical form and powers back.

Ruby felt her body now and sighed in bliss while squeezing her breasts and ass —Ahh… This is great, I even feel more powerful! That chubby bastard’s body made me grow curvier and that increased the potential of my powers! I’m finally back from that horrible prison, with my powers back and the capability of unleashing mayhem on this world again! But first…

She turned to Lewis —Alright, you’re the one that survived, your friend is gone, and you can’t do nothing about it… — Lewis was about to talk, stuttering a little before doing so, terrified of the capabilities that Ruby had now, but he felt a rush of adrenaline that he mistook by courage. You filthy little bi- — He was quickly interrupted by Ruby, who knew what kinds of words Lewis would say to her, saving herself the bother —Okay… You don’t want your wish fulfilled… Whatever, I had better plans for you anyways! — She then snapped her fingers and watched happily as she saw Lewis transforming in a matter of seconds into a human woman. With blonde hair, curvy form, an ultra-feminine voice, and massive, milky breasts. Ruby approached the transformed Lewis, who was more than terrified now and couldn’t move, he looked down and saw his new breasts heaving up and down with his breath. Ruby walked around him and felt Lewis’s new body —You turned out great, my dear! Don’t worry, you’ll have a good life from now on, you’ll be nothing but a mere passenger in your ultra-feminine body, and you won’t be able to do anything about it, so I advise you to give up from now, since this is who you are going to be for the eternity! My, my… You’re gonna be a great bearer for all my children, you’ll be Elizabeth, my eternal fuck toy! — Lewis was still unable to move, and would be Elizabeth forever, he could only feel a tear running down his new cheek, but he didn’t even had time to cry…

Alright, on all fours, my dear slave! It’s time for you to become a sweet mommy! — Elizabeth tried to resist, but could do nothing, in a matter of seconds, she was laying on all fours in the room, Ruby approached her while making her two blue cocks appear, she took hold of Elizabeth’s dumptruck ass, and introduced one of her cocks in her vagina to impregnate her new slave, and the other cock, into her ass, just for fun! Ruby started penetrating Elizabeth, she suffered immensely as Ruby enjoyed herself too much.




Eventually, Ruby came inside, Elizabeth had to be prepared for her new life of giving birth…



20,000 years later…










I’m cumming!

Ruby fell back into her back, on her bed, Elizabeth doing so too, but in a robotic, automatic kind of way, Ruby could hear that Elizabeth rested too and felt relieved. Ruby looked at her fuck toy and at her massive, Z cup breasts, grown to that point because Ruby got bored of her original DDs; Ruby looked at Elizabeth’s massively impregnated belly, gestating the coming of two thousand more demonic children to release the sexual chaos on the world, and smiled, proud of having that power again.

Lewis, or well, Elizabeth, felt her body in pure bliss. She still couldn’t move, but she kinda got used to it, more importantly, she smiled internally, as she, after twenty thousand years of being a succubus’s sex toy and breeder, for the first time, she felt happy and proud of her life. Ruby really made her live a life full of fantasy, with an incredibly attractive body. This was the best!


Hey everybody! Elizabeth here just to say that this was a commission I wrote for a friend of Discord. I hope you liked it as much as we did and also wanted to let you know that my commissions are still open if you're interested! Just DM me on Twitter or Discord.

Anyways, I'll see you later! Love y'all!


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