(Interactive Story for Patrons) Vacation at my aunt's Part 1

 I’m going to be honest: When my aunt Mary asked me to do this I was… Skeptical at first… Since I was born male, the idea of not only changing genders, but becoming a fully grown woman really left me thinking; what was that going to feel like? If I accepted, I was going to wake up the next morning to the sight of breasts, I was going to be dressed with a bra and panties, wear makeup, do my hair and even sit to pee! Was I prepared for that? Was it worth it given the reasons?

When my dad announced to my mom, my brother and I that we were going on a vacation to the beach, I wasn’t even skeptical, I was downright hating the idea! I hate the beach in every way possible: for starters, I hate the hot and humid weather of those places, the insects are everywhere, and the ocean… Holy fuck the ocean is so big, who knows what can appear or happen there! And I don’t wanna be there when it does. My parents and brother think I’m being way too anxious about it, telling me that I’d like it, but I’m convinced, I’m not going there!

Resisting the offer was hard, not because they convinced me, but because they threatened to ground me if I didn’t come with them; I was devastated, I only wanted to have a relaxing vacation time at my house playing video games and hanging around in pajamas all the time! But no, I had to go to the beach…

One day before going to the beach, my aunt Mary visited us; she is a really attractive woman if you ask me: blonde, pretty, slim, feminine, etc. but most importantly, she had a really nice set of breasts hanging from her chest! If she wasn’t my aunt, I would totally flirt with her… Not that she would respond to me anyways, I’m kind of a loser in that department… Anyways, when she came to our house, there was a moment when we were left alone by the rest of the family, and she took the opportunity to make me a big offer.

She told me she knew that I didn’t want to go to the beach with the family, and then, she told me that she actually did wanted to go, but didn’t asked my parents because she was aware of the kind of stares and situations that her hot body would trigger while wearing a bikini, she didn’t wanted to deal with it this time, so she offered: we would swap bodies with a spell she learned from internet, this way I would stay in town and she could go to the beach without being ogled. I was skeptical at first, but I accepted. We made the deal, she would cast the spell when she returned to her house and the swap would happen overnight. I slept one day as an 18 year old dude, and woke up the next day as a 45 year old curvy woman.

Waking up, I instantly felt so much… From the uncomfortable weight of my aunt’s breasts, to the pleasurable softness of the sheets and clothes I was wearing. I quickly stood up from the bed and looked in the mirror. I was amazed: I was my aunt now.

A quick look at my aunt’s phone relieved me, my family had left early in the morning so they could arrive at the beach at 10am, and my aunt Mary, in my body, sent me a message at 6am: “I know you’re asleep right now, but the swap worked! Have fun, dear aunt!” I replied with: “You better enjoy your time there, sweetheart! See you next week!” I gotta be honest: seeing this body in the mirror, feeling it from the inside, and Mary calling me “his” aunt by message made me feel really good! Kind of a combo between femininity and horniness, and I couldn’t resist…

I threw myself back into bed, this time, without panties. As I landed on the amazing mattress that my aunt (I) had, my boobs bounced in a way I had never seen in porn, they were just so jiggly and wobbly! And it was getting me even more and more aroused by the moment, they felt so good, the bra felt so good, my robe felt so good! And my fingers felt so good as they entered my new mature pussy…

I introduced my manicured dainty fingers into my vagina, I didn’t know how great it felt, but wow, I was perplexed, my body was in so much bliss and ecstasy; I felt an electric wave pulsing constantly through my body, over and over again, I moaned in pure bliss and happiness as my fingers explored my pussy, until I came, over… and over… and over again! It was definitely the greatest time of my life.

I was exhausted now, I was still laying in bed, but this time, I was sweating a lot, my big breasts, not anymore contained in my bra, heaved up and down as I breathed deeply; my nipples, still needful of attention, were gently tweaked by my manicured fingers until they stopped demanding more pleasure. I gently moaned while I breathed, I was smiling, I never felt this way before, and I loved it… 

But then I felt something, I felt the need to explore this life more; how did everything felt like as a woman? Will a shower, breakfast, dressing up, going out, etc. feel different in this form? There’s only one way to find out…

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