Your Heart's Desire

 Life was hard for Tony, he had always felt different, like he didn’t belong to society, most importantly, he didn’t feel right with himself, neither with his own body, he’s always thought that he could always have a better body, an enhanced one, with bigger proportions, like a bigger chest, toned legs, etc.

Tony was tired of feeling like this, but he still wouldn’t want to enhance his body with workouts, he felt that he was too lazy to do it. Until one day, he was reading the newspaper and saw an ad in it, which said: “Looking for test subjects for a medical study, we can help you have the body that your heart desires to have! There’s also a cash reward for helping us in our research!”

Tony was thrilled, he was hooked the moment he read “the body that your heart desires”, he didn’t even mind the money, an enhanced body was enough of a reward for him. Two days later, he presented himself at the address that was in the ad, prepared for the study, wondering what it would all be about, after knocking at the door, a man wearing a white coat opened the door- “Oh! You must be Anthony, come on in, we are about to finish preparations!” -Tony nodded yes and entered the facility, he found a group of more people in coats, they looked to be doctors or at least scientists, they all greeted and invited him in.

Tony sat in a chair as the doctor from the entrance told him to sit, he put Tony’s hand over a screen that he had in the pocket of his coat, and started talking- “So, what led you here, was it the money, or the fact that we may find the body that your heart desires?” -he asked Tony, to which he replied- “Yeah I come for the second reason mainly, although I am also interested about the money” - “It’s alright, everyone is here for a certain benefit, really. So let’s begin, I’ll ask some questions, these are meant to be answered without you thinking about them, so your subconscious will tell both me and this machine under your hand what is it that your heart desires, is that okay?” - “Okay” -Said Tony.

“Alright then, so first question: How does your ideal life look for you?” - “Oh that would probably be to grow old alongside a partner who is loving and caring, in a big house, and probably with kids” - “Okay, okay…” -Said the doctor while he noted some stuff in his notebook, then he continued- “Now then, what do you like to do the most?” - “To be honest, I love cleaning the house, I love the idea of staying inside and spending all of my free time doing domestic labor like cleaning or cooking, it’s very relaxing to me” -The doctor kept making notes quickly. After an hour of questions about how Tony sees life, they were finished- “Alright, Anthony, we are finished with the questions, now you may pass to the next phase, the chamber over there” -The doctor then pointed to the direction where the chamber was, and asked Tony to follow him there, once they arrived, another doctor greeted them.

“Hello young man! Well, it is expected that this chamber will receive the data of the body that your heart desires, the data will be sent by the machine of before to this chamber, here, it will be processed and will transform your body to fit your heart’s desire, any questions?” -asked the second doctor- “No, I just am very excited of what the outcome will be!” -Tony answered, to which the doctor replied- “Alright! And let me tell you, whatever the outcome is, you’ll like it since it’s what you truly desire, so don’t worry about regretting it”.

Then, the doctor told Tony to get naked and get inside the chamber, once that was done, he turned it on, and the chamber started shooting lights and sounds all over the place, and then, its insides filled out with a thick mist, which didn’t let the doctors see the changes- “Well, let’s just wait that he doesn’t end up with any disease or something or we are done here!” -Said one of the doctors. After around half-an-hour, the machine stopped and a bell rang, which meant it finished the transformation, the chamber opened up, and the mist came out quickly, when it cleared, there it was Tony, in the body of his heart’s desire.

Excited to see his new body, Tony looked down, only to see himself in a very changed form. He was horrified and astounded at first, but as the seconds passed, he smiled, he didn’t know why, but he really felt calm to have a body like this one. Tony was told to go to the next phase with a third doctor, who gave him new clothes to cover up his female form, he blushed as he put on his new bra and panties for the first time, next, he put on a sundress and he was ready to go. Then, the same doctor, who appeared to be more like a psychologist, told Tony his new identity after asking him for a custom name for his new form, he was now a woman (obviously), and her name was Claire, she now was 40 years old, and based on the answers given during the first test, she now had to be married, and she now had a date with a man tomorrow. Finally the doctor told Claire that she could leave, giving her the address to her new temporary apartment, where she would live until she got married, Claire took her new ID documents, and left the facility happily with a confident stride.

When Claire arrived at her new apartment, she couldn’t wait to see her closet, which was filled with dresses, lingerie, heels, etc.- “Damn! These guys thought about everything!” -She thought, and smiled as she heard her new voice for the first time, then she looked down, and looked into her deep cleavage, encased in the amazingly beautiful dress that she was now wearing, and she became horny…

She didn’t think twice to quickly take her clothes off and masturbate, and after she was done, she just laid there naked, and stayed like that for the rest of the day, she showered, had dinner, and went to sleep in that state, completely nude; so she could enjoy confidently the bouncing of her breasts and ass while she walked around the place, the brushing of her long and silky hair in her back, and the wetness of her aroused new vagina, and she smiled gladly when she remembered that she needed to get ready tomorrow for her date, and started to wonder… What will that man be like? Was he strong, tall, caring? She could only know when the moment came.

The next night, she went to her date, and it went smooth like butter. Her date was a man named Dan, he was a kind person who also looked to be a stud, he was tall and muscular just as she wondered last night, and he looked very hot with the suit and haircut that he was sporting that night. As the date went on, Dan and Claire slowly started to realize that they were meant for each other, Claire was sure that Dan was the right guy for her, and after a couple of more dates, Dan proposed marriage to her, and she accepted.

After a couple of years of getting married, Claire happily took the role of the housewife, she would clean the house, and cook the meals, she would go out shopping both new clothes and groceries, and she would pass her free time by watching the TV dramas that she enjoyed so much, awaiting for her husband’s arrival. Today, she finally confirmed her suspicions after some weeks without her period, she used a pregnancy test, and smiled as she got the result, later, after taking a shower, she called Dan on the phone- “Dear, we’re gonna be parents!” -She couldn’t do anything more than smile!


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