Getting Used to It


“Oh yes, your body turned out pretty healthy” -The doctor told me, to which I replied sarcastically- “And female too” -The doctor sighed- “Should I tell you once again why are you like this? Why did we use nanosurgery and turn you into a completely different person? A woman?” -She said in an aggressive tone, and I sighed too- “No, you don’t have to, I am pretty aware of my fate, miss…” 

My name is (or at least was) Jason, I was a pretty normal dude, just living my life and letting others live it, I could easily be considered a pretty chilled guy because of that. I wouldn’t say I was living the best of my life then, but it wasn’t bad either… huh… I’m talking about that as if it were years ago… The truth is, it all happened yesterday. Oh my god, I can’t believe It was just yesterday that I was still a guy, these people work really quick!

As I just said, it was yesterday that all this mess started, I was just walking around the street, until I passed by an alley were I heard some guy screaming for help, when I turned around, I was horrified to see a man submitting another one, and I was about to cry when I watched him stabbing the other guy with a knife, making his screaming stop- “Oh my god” -I said, thinking that I said it to myself, but in fact, the killer heard me and turned around, with a blink of light from a window, I could see his face, he knew I saw it, and so he started walking towards me, I was very scared, the man was approaching me to kill me so he wouldn’t have loose ends to his crime! I started to run.

After a very long and tiring chase, I lost the guy, relieved, I went to the police office, so I could report the crime to them. After some routine questions, the police asked me to describe the killer, I told them every exact faction of his face to them, as I watched the other police woman drawing quickly on her notebook the face of the murderer, I also was aware of how much more scared that both of the officers started to look, more and more as I finished to describe this dude, they looked at me, with surprise in their eyes- “You lucky bastard”- said one cop- “How are you not dead?” -said the other, I was astounded, who did I bump into tonight then?

Both officers were pretty concerned, and I became concerned too as they told me why, this guy was a serial killer that was out in the streets and that they’ve been chasing for a while now, and he is famous for not leaving loose ends and for being a master of tracking people down, long story short, I was doomed.

And I say that I was, because shortly after telling me that, they also offered me a pretty nice witness protection program, they would send me to an island to avoid being tracked down, and also they would change my persona to make the odds even less probable of being killed! But I didn’t know what that really meant, until I woke up this morning…

I was a woman, and a very sexy one at that. I realized that mainly because of the amazing rack I was now sporting. It seemed that for their program, the police and the health department got unified and developed a secret nano-surgery technology that would completely turn someone into a different person, and somehow they decided that I would be a woman.

I was skeptical and rude to them at first, but I figured that I should be grateful for the help, so I finished with all the health studies that were done to my transformed body, dressed up and got in the cruise that would take me to the island I was going to live in until the cops caught the killer and be safe to turn me back to normal and return to my home.

People at the island were speechless as they saw a pair of incredible legs in high heels coming down from the cruise, followed by wide hips encased in a red dress, next up, a generous pair of breasts was pressed inside that same dress, so tight that it seemed like the cleavage was about to pop out of it. Finally, a beautiful and feminine face, decorated with makeup and long strands of blonde hair, was seen by the public, it was my face, oblivious of the impact it made to the locals.

The cruise’s crew led me to my new house. It was a nice and big place with comfy furniture and an ample kitchen, it was next to the beach too. As I went upstairs to my bedroom, I found that another room was made completely to be my closet, it was full of dresses, shoes, lingerie, underwear, shirts, jeans, etc. I sighed, both in fear and happiness. By the looks of it, I am going to stay here for a while, but at least, I’ll have a good time doing so…

Two weeks later

I’ve been here for two weeks already, and I’ve been kinda getting used to my new body, the sight of breasts sitting in my chest every morning under a nightie isn’t too bad as it was before, having a vagina has even turned more comfortable than having a penis, yes, I do have to sit to pee, but I can sit more comfortably now that there’s an empty void between my legs, I can wear skirts too, which for the horrible heat of the island they have proved to be greatly useful because the air can pass down there and refresh me. Also, my body has proven to be more pleasurable than before, yes, I’ve tried masturbating already, and it’s been a blast! The doctors are impressed by how quickly I adapted to my new body, and I can’t think of a reason why not to adapt so easily, being a woman is just so great!

3 years later

I can’t believe how much time has passed since I became a woman, it’s been three years already, and the police couldn’t find the killer until now? They just emailed me this morning, saying that everything was fine, that I could come back! How the hell am I supposed to come back? I have been through a lot, I am not that chilled guy anymore! I’m a woman, and I’m happy as one, I have a great body, a nice house… And a beloved husband too! Yes, I got married, it’s a long story, but god, he is so great! He loves me so much and cherishes me like a doll, he’s got a really great body too, and the best of it all… He’s great on the bed! I can’t believe how, after so much happened, the cops tell me now it’s time to come back, I can’t come back… I wanna stay here, with my husband! Plus… I want to stay here because I want this pretty place for my baby to grow up, not the ugly and noisy city. Here, we’ll all be relaxed forever! But I can talk about this later with the cops, for now, I gotta get my makeup done for tonight, my husband’s taking me to dinner for our anniversary, I’m so excited!

I’ll probably just say no to the cops tomorrow… I hope they can understand...


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