The 'surprise' benefit

 Dylan has always been a big TG literature fan, either if it’s erotic or not, he’s always been intrigued of the idea of being a woman, and he found that one of the best ways to keep up his fantasies was by reading other people’s stories and captions. Dylan has read stories about people being changed into women by a strange blue animal statue, and other ones were a busty gothic witch did the changes, he found a website of many people writing their stories and publishing them as in a forum, and that led him to find about blogs, were he would find some of his favorite stories. He would slowly see one of those blogs start to rise, getting fans all over the world, and he felt very excited when the writer of that blog announced their patreon page, since he felt like the number one fan of this writer, he was the very first one to subscribe, after some chatting with the writer, confirming payments and helping them to start off, the writer activated an especial reward just for the first subscriber, one that in Dylan’s display was just named as ‘Surprise’.

A day passed, and the writer released the first caption for patreon, one where the protagonist became a female version of himself, Dylan enjoyed it a lot and read it just when it was released, he put a like in the caption, a comment telling the writer about their good work, and was about to go to sleep when the writer replied back, telling him that the so said ‘surprise’ for being the first patron was coming soon the next day.

Dylan woke up in the morning, feeling very different, somehow lighter and smaller, but heavier and bigger in other parts of his body, he gasped both in horror and joy when he looked down to his body, and saw a very female one.

When she went to look in the mirror, she realized that she looked pretty similar to her male persona, like if she was turned into a female version of himself, just as in the story that she read yesterday…

She miraculously could find her originally male clothes turned into female clothing inside her closet, so she could easily get her new body dressed up and ready for getting out and maybe exploring how life as a woman was, she had always been curious about that anyways. Dylan quickly realized some of the perks of being a woman; for example, the clothes were far more comfortable because of their silky feel, she was never curious about crossdressing, so she didn’t really knew panties felt like that, especially against her new, hairless and soft skin, which just added more pleasure to her new experiences. The day went on and on, she went to eat at a restaurant, she went to the movies, and then she went to the park; she quickly realized the differences of being a woman as her ass jiggled and her boobs bounced with every step she made to walk, also when she sat with the sundress that she was wearing, she realized she would have to move it under her legs and ass or her underbody would be exposed to the seats of the park and the theater, she learned a lot that day, and she was happy about that.

The change lasted 3 days, and then Dylan was back to being a man, until two days later in the week, when the writer would release a story about motherhood and pregnancy. This time, Dylan was sitting at the living room just in his underpants, watching a movie, while suddenly, he started to feel his body growing, more and more, he gasped when he saw his chest grow boobs once again, and gasped once again as he saw his nipples becoming bigger, his thighs thicker, and especially, his belly expanding, he had become a pregnant woman.

Her wardrobe had changed again, now it had bigger bras and panties, but especially, maternity dresses, she quickly felt wet at the thought of wearing one of those since the only thought of herself, now being round and heavy was making her really horny, and the questions started to invade her mind, was she really pregnant? Did she really have a baby growing inside of her? Was she going to give birth? These questions were getting Dylan both scared and horny, but instead she decided to dress and stay home this time, since she needed to rest the weight she was carrying, maybe order something to eat?

The life as a pregnant woman was hard, and mostly just heavy, but she could make it to the end, in the meantime Dylan realized that these transformations were part of the ‘surprise’ that the patreon writer gave her for being the first sub, and since they lasted 3 days, he wouldn’t mind being a woman from time to time…

The next caption was released, Dylan was laying on his bed when he suddenly transformed, he then looked in awe to the mirror in front of his bed to find a sexy brunette woman, the same one from the writer’s caption, about some kind of fruit that changed men into women.

She was in love with this form, her body was completely perfect from head to toe, she had an hourglass figure; a jiggly, firm and round ass, sexy tanned skin, and huge tits, it was awesome. Dylan’s closet changed once again, now holding on its insides more slutty and juvenile clothes like low cut tops and dresses, thongs, miniskirts and tight jeans. Dylan then checked her new ID and gasped in amazement to see that she was now 19 years old, this body was BIG for that age, he just hit the jackpot.

The life as this girl was not so different from the two previous ones, the only notorious difference was that she felt way much sexier in this form, especially with the way her wardrobe made her dress, in fact, going in a low cut top to a bar made Dylan have sex for the first time as a girl, and she realized why all women said it was so much better, she felt ten times better having sex as the girl than as the man.

And this kept happening during months, Dylan would become every woman that appeared in the stories that the writer posted on patreon, she would go from a mom, to a teacher, to a stripper, a cheerleader, etc.

Until one day, when she became tired of changing back to a man, she was tired of getting to live the time of her life for three days and become a male Dylan version again and again, so she decided that she was quitting the ‘surprise’ benefit. One day, after becoming the woman whose life she loved the most, she messaged the writer- “Hey, I was thinking what would happen if I wanted to quit the surprise benefit for the first patreon” -The writer replied quickly, almost immediately- “Well, I could always file another person as the first one and give them their surprise benefit, maybe with a giveaway, and you could stay as the woman you are now or return back to a man depending on your choice” -Dylan smiled, he could really get to stay as a she and stop changing back and forth! She quickly texted the writer and told them that she was quitting and staying as a woman, she only said- “I don’t blame you” -and after a while, Dylan got her reply- “Done” -Was the only thing it said, Dylan smiled again, and lifted her new permanent ass in her hands, knowing that this will be her body forever, she just let out a tear of joy…


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  1. Me encantó el concepto Amber, transformarse en cada chica de la historia de un creador da para mucho, una idea muy original, por cierto no es por molestar pero solo quería saber que pasó con una petición que me ofreciste por tu logo? No estoy molesta ni nada solo quería saber, aunque no te preocupes si te olvidaste, con tus otras historias paso un muy buen rato ❤️


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