Recommendation post: Demonic Desires

 Hey all! Amber here with the first blog recommendation post of the blog this month. Today I bring to you the awesome blog of my great and dear friend Selene, Demonic Desires!

Her blog is an absolute blast! There is no caption in there that I don't like, but in my opinion, the best part is certainly her writing style , which is completely unique, and to be honest, I kind of envy it a little...

Her captions are short, yet so detailed and so capable of getting you hooked on. I don't know how she does it, but it's awesome, every single caption she releases, I run to read it as quickly as possible since I love them so much, and I never end up disappointed, it's hard to describe how her style really is, it's a matter of experiencing it to be honest, but the thing I can tell is that she does a lot more with less, and I love that, I really don't get how she can be so detailed with stories that short, and making it work! I've even tried to do it with some caps like "Treated as such" but just couldn't. Selene has real talent going on, and you people should see it for yourselves, if you ask me.

I'll put her link in here, but it is also in the blog's side menu if you wanna check it out any time, if you are new there, I will tell you that my personal favorites are "Take to your role 2", and her newest creations, "Refitted" and "Fertile Ground", but all of her caps are really, but REALLY awesome!

So here it is, check it out: 

I hope you love it as much or even more as I do, and be free to do awesome and lovable comments as you like to do in here, I bet Selene would love that, see ya there then!


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