Update on my blog

Hey all, Amber here! 

I'm writing here today just to do an update on my current situation in this blog, to keep you all of my loyal followers informed about my silent status in here.

Well, as some of you may know already, I decided to stop writing for a while because of my studies, I'm currently working hard on both finishing my high school years with good grades, and studying for the entrance exams to apply for college, since this has taken too much of my free time, I could no longer write in here eventhough I like it so much, but now that I am around one or two weeks of finishing high school, I finally could find some free time to return here, so you will find more captions in this blog in the near future!

Also, some weeks ago I left a survey here to see which series of this blog would you want more to return in the future, and I announce that the series "The MILF Bomb" has won the survey, so in the near future you will find the next part posted in here, I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I do!

I hope you can understand this and look forward to both The MILF Bomb part 2 and some other new captions to be here in the future. 

I love you all, and I appreciate a lot all the support you have given to the blog since I started writing in here, you are awesome, ALL of you <3.

I send you all lots of kisses and hugs, and if you are interested be sure to follow me on Twitter to be more aware of the stuff I do since I will be updating that page a lot more when I get time, and if you know me on Discord, you can DM me whenever you want and talk about any kinds of stuff, I will do my best to reply quickly!

Once again, love you all a lot, and thank you for everything, this new chapter in my life is gonna be so good! 

Kisses, Amber <3


  1. Que genial Amber, ojalá te valla muy bien tanto en tus historias como en tus estudios, te deseo lo mejor y mucha suerte

    1. Muchas gracias Jessica! He de recalcar que también mi blog ha crecido mucho gracias a ti y a tu apoyo, y de eso estoy muy agradecida.

    2. De nada, estoy para ti cuando quieras


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